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365bet体育皇冠At Jacobs, we put people at the heart of our business. We have an unparalleled focus on inclusion, with a diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers. We embrace all perspectives, collaborating to make a positive impact.

Speak up, speak out

Today is an opportunity to live our values by speaking up and speaking out against injustice. We're committed to driving and achieving real change – creating a tomorrow we can all be proud of, standing together as one.

Reinventing our Tomorrow:
8 Positive Actions for Equality

365bet体育皇冠Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou details eight actions Jacobs is taking to speak up, speak out.

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“As a company we are going to focus on doing our part to get this right, and then we will look more broadly at other things affecting our people and our communities.”
Steve Demetriou
Jacobs Chair and CEO

“This is our time to affect change. Turn rhetoric into action. Build a new platform as a nation. Create an equal and inclusive future for all.”
Steve Demetriou
Jacobs Chair and CEO

Taking Action for Inclusion. Now.

Following up to his “speak up, speak out” message, Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou shares positive actions for inclusive change.

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Speak Up. Speak Out.

I remember the day we adopted our son Reggie. He was 14 years old. I couldn’t have been happier or prouder to call him son. I also remember when I had to have ‘the talk.’ Because my son Reggie happens to be black.

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“Standing up for what is right is in our Jacobs culture. It’s who we are.”
Steve Demetriou
Jacobs Chair and CEO

“At Jacobs, we are one global community. Since I started this role, I’ve said, “we are in this together.” And though this phrase has meant different things at different times, I truly mean it – we are in it together.”
– Shelie Gustafson
Jacobs Chief HR Officer

A Message from Chief Human Resources Officer Shelie Gustafson

Chief Human Resources Officer Shelie Gustafson shares reflections on Jacobs and our values.

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A Message from Jacobs’ Employee Network Groups

365bet体育皇冠A joint statement from Harambee, ACE, Careers Network, Enlace, OneWorld, Prism, VetNet and Women’s Network.

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“Now more than ever before we must stand united against these inequalities and lay greater emphasis on calling out and eradicating all forms of discrimination where we see it.”

We Live Inclusion

At Jacobs, we know that if we are inclusive, we’re more connected, and if we are diverse, we’re more creative. We continue to advance inclusion and diversity to create an environment where all employees can thrive.

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