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What if...

A hand providing energy to a lightbulb with the human brain as the filament

365bet体育皇冠... we told you we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption? It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories to learn more.


Amy Manley, James Kerrigan and
Lisa McGregor:
Work Design Magazine

365bet体育皇冠Our interior design experts share their strategic considerations for redefining the future of work and returning to the office safely in .

City Illustration

Angela Bardino: Mix Magazine

Thinking about the future of workplace from a societal change perspective, Angela Bardino, Design Principal, talks to as she examines employees’ impact on both immediate business and subsequent end user groups. Broken down into six ‘dominos’ or phases, she discusses workplace transformation, from the immediate through to future solutions – exploring what market demands may be, as society redefines normality.

Efrain Rodriguez

Efrain Rodriguez:
Water Environment Federation

At Jacobs, our people are the key to our success. Investing in the careers of our future leaders with benefits like professional memberships, offers our teams and clients a competitive advantage as they keep us up-to-date on industry trends, advances in technology, opportunities for development and so much more.

Jacobs Operations Management and Facilities Services Vice President, Geographic Leadership, Efrain Rodriguez, talked with the about his work in the water industry and the benefits he has seen from his WEF membership.


Diana Heimbach courtesy of TPO magazine

Diana Heimbach:
Treatment Plant Operator

A passion for environmental protection led Jacobs’ Diana Heimbach to a career in wastewater treatment. The Jacobs project manager shared her journey and Jacobs’ success at Lehigh County Authority Wastewater Pretreatment Facility in the latest edition of .

Photo courtesy of Treatment Plant Operator

Coworking space stock image

Zack Farrar: Robin

Facilities management professionals are going beyond the physical infrastructure and are creating the workplaces of tomorrow. Check out Jacobs’ Zack Farrar interview with to learn where the FM industry is headed in 2020 and how FM professionals are creating an efficient, stellar workplace where employees can thrive.

Fort Irwin WaterWorks main gate

Jonathan Green: The Military Engineer

365bet体育皇冠Confronted with the challenge of a water supply unable to meet regulatory requirements and facing growing user demand, the nation’s premier desert warfare training center and their partner, Jacobs, turned to unconventional water treatment technologies. Read about Fort Irwin’s water treatment innovation in the latest issue of .

NewCities graphic

James Moore, Jason Bird and
Adam Hosking:

Adaptation to climate change can take many forms, and when incorporated with a realistic vision for the long-term, can help us identify where the traditional approaches of protection may not be the most appropriate.

Jacobs resiliency leaders James Moore, Jason Bird and Adam Hosking share a global perspective on climate migration to kick off our collaborative partnership with NewCities.

Hologram buildings over computer

Scott Jones: California Building News

365bet体育皇冠With a deluge of new technology and companies disrupting the property management field, facility managers have much to gain from the "art of possible."

Jacobs Senior Vice President of Operations and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International Chairman Scott Jones joins to discuss the rate of change, and the path ahead for technology-enabled property management in this piece.

FM Link article

Ellen Keable and Andie Moeder:
FM Link

365bet体育皇冠Today more than ever, facilities managers (FM) are balancing customer service, C-suite expectations and costs. The good news is that as incorporation of data and automation free up monotonous tasks, demand for more human centric skills will increase.

Jacobs’ Ellen Keable and Andie Moeder join to share the drivers of workplace change and highlight how we’re incorporating data and automation to assist free facility managers from monotonous tasks.

Konsept Projeler feature

Natasha Luthra: Konsept Projeler

Artificial intelligence will (and arguably already does) make the planning process of the architects significantly easier, giving them access to data, creating models and interpreting today’s challenges to solve for tomorrow’s solutions.

Jacobs’ Director of Emerging Technologies Natasha Luthra shares how in this Konsept Projeler feature.

Bob Pragada

Bob Pragada:
Infrastructure Intelligence

365bet体育皇冠President and chief operating officer Bob Pragada, talks to about the pace of change in mega-trends like climate change and urbanization: “…all this is being accelerated so that there has to be a different way of doing things…redefining what the issue really is and then what the best technology is to enable that solution.”

Project Edmond

Donald Morrison:
UK Construction Online

With populations and climate challenges growing, smarter design and integrated infrastructure strategies will be essential in shaping a better future. Jacobs People and Places Solutions Europe, Middle East and Africa Senior Vice President and General Manager Donald Morrison shares insight with on the future of infrastructure.

Jason Curl

Jason Curl: Journal AWWA

The next frontier of water treatment technology advancement is the use of “digital twins” that enable dynamic process simulations. Water utilities are implementing digital twins to improve new facilities design, support operations staff training, reduce risk and optimize operations. Learn how Jacobs Replica Digital Twin is transforming the water industry with data-driven digital insights by reading lead author, Jason Curl’s article in the . (Download the PDF (3MB))

UK Bioresources

Samuel Hughes and Zac Alexander:
UK Bioresources Market Development

With new opportunities for more competition and efficiency in sludge treatment on the horizon in the U.K., Jacobs looks at the industry response and how to increase uptake of market-based solutions.

Donald Morrison

Donald Morrison: The Glasgow Herald

Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe, Middle East and Africa Senior Vice President and General Manager Donald Morrison talks about the importance of creating a meaningful legacy with major infrastructure projects and finding better ways with a more integrated approach in this interview with .


Jeff Gamlin, Jeremy Cox and
Andrew Castor:
Remediation Journal

Effectively applied for more than a decade to treat contaminant source areas and groundwater hot spots, while being sustainable and economical, what’s next for subgrade biogeochemical reactors (SBGRs) technology? Jacobs’ Jeff Gamlin, Jeremy Cox and Andrew Castor present case studies for three innovative SBGR configurations, tailored to site challenges outside the norm and overview other emerging pilots in this paper.

Aerial view of River Thames running through London

Richard Crowder: Water Innovations

Flood modeling isn’t new, but it has become more advanced and important as we understand the potential of the cloud(s). In this piece, Jacobs’ Growth Manager - Water Environment, Europe Richard Crowder discusses flood modelling in the digital age, and how Jacobs’ Flood Modeller and Flood Cloud applications are protecting people and property along the River Thames.

Glass-enclosed hallway

David Morgareidge:
Australian Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin

The future is design by data. Jacobs’ Director of Predictive Analytics David Morgareidge talks predictive analytics and how it can be applied to healthcare facility design to improve decision making, optimize performance and future proof facilities in this article.

Queensferry Bridge

Donald Morrison:
Infrastructure Intelligence

Data and analytics are the new bricks and mortar needed to build the smart, post-Brexit Britain envisaged in the government’s industrial strategy, argues Jacobs Buildings and Infrastructure Europe Senior Vice President and General Manager Donald Morrison in an opinion piece in .

Robot hand

Natasha Luthra: Architect Magazine

It's not a matter of if the architecture profession will feel the impacts of artificial intelligence—it's a matter of when. Natasha Luthra, AIA, director of the innovation program at Jacobs shares her view in this article.

Port of Long Beach

Patrick King: Seaports Magazine

How do ports grow, when funding is tight and aging infrastructure and resiliency threats compound? Read what Jacobs Global Ports & Maritime Solutions Director Patrick King thinks in this piece by .

Glass of water

Lee Odell: Water Innovations

In this feature, Jacobs Global Groundwater Technology Leader Lee Odell highlights treatment technology improvements paving the way for cost savings and compliance with California’s next-gen hexavalent chromium maximum contaminant level.