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Jacobs Webinars

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One Water: An Integrated, Inclusive Approach to a Sustainable Water Future – July 14, 2020

Adam Hosking If we think differently about water and view all water as a valuable resource, we can work to tackle the issues that impact people and move beyond traditional silos to bring an integrated, inclusive approach to a sustainable water future for all.
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Adapting Smart Water Metering Implementation During COVID-19: June 25, 2020

Jaason EnglesmithJaason Englesmith, Global Technology Leader for Smart Metering at Jacobs, hosts a discussion about how Jacobs is adapting delivery of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects during COVID-19 and the recent success the City of Columbia has had keeping their field installations on-track with accommodations for social distancing and modifications to customer engagement.
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An Integrated Approach to Coastal City Flood Resilience: June 9, 2020

Susy TorrienteAdam Hosking, Jacobs Water Resources Global Solutions Director, and Susy Torriente, Global Leader for City Resilience, discuss the challenges coastal cities face in delivering a safe, affordable and resilient environment for their residents and economy.
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Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response: June 2, 2020

Adam HoskingAdam Hosking, Jacobs Water Resources Global Solutions Director, and some of the foremost industry experts focus on Water Utility Resiliency — from what it takes to plan and prepare for long-term issues such as climate change, to how to pivot planning and respond to unforeseen challenges such as
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PFAS Considerations in the Water Sector: May 12, 2020

Peter Nicol Join Peter Nicol, Jacobs Global Vice President, Global Director for Water, for this webinar focused on PFAS considerations in the water sector with a look at the latest information on sampling, analytical methods and best available treatment technologies for removing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water systems and wastewater applications.
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Water and Wastewater CIO Forum:
April 7, 2020

Raja Kadiyala Jacobs Digital Market Director Raja Kadiyala and a team of experts recently delivered a business continuity webinar in the wake of COVID-19 for the Water and Wastewater Chief Information Officer (CIO) Forum. The CIO Forum, which includes 40 of the larger water utilities in North America, was established to share solutions and best practices to help utilities navigate the digital landscape.
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